Year in Running 2018

Year in Running 2018

My friend Courtney, over at Eat Pray Run DC, hosts an annual link up, with the prompts included below, to encourage others to share their experiences in running over the year. I love to participate, since it gives me a reason to reflect on some of the events I might otherwise pass over as I head into new adventures. Check out her post and discover others who have shared their answers; it’s always fun!

Best Race Experience

Even though I have participated in some great race events this year, the Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon (recap), during which I conquered my big goal for 2018 and set a new personal best time in the marathon distance, definitely wins this category. During no other event this year did I feel as confident that I would be able to show off my hard work and execute a challenging race plan; in addition, I had the support of some amazing running friends on the course and plenty of pizza at the finish line. What more could a gal ask for?


Best Run

My best run wasn’t a race or a workout, but an easy run with two friends that I was fortunate enough to meet up with in the Seattle area during the month of April; it was so nice to catch up and I can hardly wait to see them again (hi Kelly and Marilyn)!


Best New Piece of Running Gear

Other than new shoes and a couple of replacement clothing items, I didn’t buy any new running gear this year; after so many years of doing this, there’s just not much I need. Having said that, I was pretty excited about the shoes I purchased for marathon race day.


Best Running Advice You’ve Received This Year

“Run with gratitude.” In the book she wrote, Let Your Mind Run, that was published earlier this year, marathoner Deena Kastor shares how her attitude toward challenging, push-with-all-you’ve-got workouts and races completely changed once she started taking the time to notice the things she was grateful for during the toughest moments. This mindset helped me successfully complete many of my training assignments this year and I find that I enjoy the challenge in a more meaningful way.

Most Inspirational Runner

This is always one of the toughest prompts for me to answer because I am inspired by everyone who gets out there and has fun, races, crushes goals and cheers on others. This year, I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from my friend Tia, also known as Arkansas Runner Mom; we both had big marathon goals this year, often did our long training runs along the same route, and she always provides so much motivation and encouragement. She just turned forty this year, and I’m so excited to watch her crush some master’s records!

Favorite Picture From a Run or Race This Year


Meeting up with so many of my Oiselle teammates in April of this year was such a treat!

Race Experience You Would Repeat in a Heartbeat

I’m planning to participate in the Tenacious Ten in 2019, put on by Oiselle in Seattle, Washington, for the third year in a row; I’ll keep doing it for as long as I can because it’s a fantastic event and provides me with a way to reunite with so many friends who are spread out all over the country.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

Challenging, yet rewarding!

Top Ten Books of 2018

Top Ten Books of 2018

2018 Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon

2018 Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon