Tracktown USA - Day 3

Tracktown USA - Day 3

Even though day 3 of #totallytrials16 offered lots of downtime, in terms of planned activities and action on the track, it was no less action-packed and full of shenanigans.

We started off the day with a group run, led by Lauren Fleshman, out to Pre's Trail for a few miles; it was a little less challenging than Thursday's run, thankfully! 

The trail is absolutely gorgeous and so full of runners of all different paces; there were several elite runners on the trail, including Lauren's husband and Picky Bars partner in crime Jesse Thomas, and it was so much fun to take in the scenery.

Oh, wait...I mean this scenery. 

Afterward, we were able to hang out for awhile at the Picky Bars tent, enjoy some post-run treats and, once again, I tried to play it cool around some amazing athletes. Jesse was talking to some other folks and so I walked over; I wanted to let him know that Jonathan is a huge fan and is constantly inspired by his hard work.

Jesse was so gracious and said that he appreciates hearing that his efforts are motivating for others; he agreed to take a picture with me so that I could send it to Jonathan in anticipation of his sprint triathlon today...and then asked me to tell Jonathan good luck. I think I've now completely redeemed myself for being gone for 10 days. 

We enjoyed another amazing session of Jasyoga with Erin Taylor and, again, I can not describe how wonderful it is to have her lead a class for us; if you've not tried Jasyoga, you really need to do it! 

My beautiful homies/roomies and I decided to grab some coffee afterward, which led us to a great little local spot.

Coffee turned into lunch and beer (when in as the runners do!) and, after just a couple of days with these gals, I continue to be blown away by what a powerful experience it has been to meet up with each of them. I'm forever changed by their support.

The track action started up late in the day; we arrived to the track just before 4pm to watch the men's and women's 100m semifinals, the men's decathlon 1500, the women's Masters Invitational 1500m and then the men's and women's 100m final.

The 100m semifinal was intense; since we've been here, the track has never been as quiet as it was while those athletes were on the blocks. Following the 100m heats, the men's decathlon finished with the 1500m event. I think they were happy to be finished and what a phenomenal group they are; watching them splash around in the steeple pit was pretty hilarious! 

For the Oiselle team, the main event was the Masters Invitational 1500m race, including two Oiselle athletes - Jen St. Jean and Donna Mills. Wow. These women really fire me up. 

Jen was able to pull ahead from third to second in the closing moments of the race and we all went crazy. What an accomplishment on such a grand stage! 

That older gentleman that I met on my flight from Portland to Eugene, whose grandson was running in the 100m race? Yeah, we watched him punch his ticket to Rio during the men's 100m words. You can bet I'll be looking out for Trayvon Bromell in a few weeks! 

Many of us will be running in the Butte to Butte 10K this morning; I'm both excited and nervous, because I'd love to do well. My current 10K PR, set in 2009, is 52:09; maybe yesterday's track inspiration will help me push a little harder? I guess we'll see! 



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