Nonfiction November 2017: Let's Begin!

Nonfiction November 2017: Let's Begin!

It's time for another Nonfiction November and I'm thrilled to be joining in again this year, thanks to hosts Sarah at Sarah's Book Shelves, Katie at Doing Dewey, Lory at Emerald City Book Review, Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, and Julz at Julz Reads. When I find interesting new (or new-to-me) nonfiction reads, I always think, "perfect for Nonfiction November!" The trick is remembering which books those are, but I think I have a pretty solid lineup for this month. 

Here's my year of nonfiction, so far; if you'd like to join in, head over to Julz Reads to link up your introductory post!

My Year of Nonfiction

I have to admit, it's been pretty dismal: I've only read 11 nonfiction titles (a measly 16% of my total books read), 6 of which have been audio books. Thank goodness for my commute and running time! 

The majority of my nonfiction reading has consisted of memoirs and what I would call self-improvement/education; I've only selected one narrative nonfiction book, which turned out to be one of my favorites, and I'd like to find more of those. 

Favorite Nonfiction of 2017 So Far

This is a tough choice, even though I've not read very many nonfiction books this year! I'm going to narrow it to two, and they are very different from one another: 

Most Recommended Nonfiction

While I've certainly mentioned Extreme Measures to many, especially in my professional environment, I think I've tried to push The Stranger in the Woods onto just about everyone! 

This Year, I Haven't Read Enough Of...

Anything other than memoirs! It seems as though I really gravitate toward memoirs, especially those of people who interest me and whose opinions/ideas I appreciate. There's nothing wrong with this, I'm glad that I know what appeals to me (especially for audio book listening), but I do miss reading some of the other nonfiction selections out there that I know I would enjoy. 

This Year, I'm Hoping To...

  • Fit in more nonfiction reading! 
  • Read more narrative fiction (totally stole this one from Sarah, but it's true!)
  • Finally tackle Neurotribes, thanks to Katie at Doing Dewey.
  • Find new-to-me nonfiction selections, thanks to the many bloggers participating in the event.
  • Add to my audio book library hold queue! 
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